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Client Transformations

BOSS Fitness trainers have helped countless Canadians gain control of their weight, transform their bodies and feel better about themselves. These are some of the people we've worked with in the past several years. We're extremely proud of all our clients hard work and new lifestyles. 

JF Dufault


Take a look at this video transformation featuring BOSS Fitness client JF. He started with us wanting to loose weight, gain muscle mass and get control of his diet. This video shows his progress over a few months. 

Before & After Video

Barry Kong


I would like to thank Trevor Ryan at BOSS Fitness Studios for helping me lose 101 pounds:  from 272 pounds to 171 pounds.  I haven’t been this weight in 25 years!  I went from a very tight 48 suit to a 42 slim fit; from 44 pants to a 32, XXL t-shirts to a medium.  I started running and I like it a lot. I feel great!


272 lbs


172 lbs

I have worked with personal trainers in the past and I have never been close to these results.  I felt comfortable immediately when I stepped into his private studio for a consultation.  I have observed Trevor’s personal successes in the fitness industry, so he is a model of health and wellness.   With his knowledge and experience in nutrition and exercise, I had full confidence that his nutrition coaching and personal training techniques would help me get results of losing the fat in a safe and healthy manner.  He focused on my physical capacity to execute exercises while ensuring that I did not injure myself.  I always felt at ease with his easy-going and supportive personality.  What I appreciated most, was how he encouraged and believed in me.  Even though I sometimes felt unmotivated, his encouragement never waned and he got me right back on track.  In turn, he has given me an appreciation for my own body and my own strength.  He is now working with me to lift heavier weights to build more muscle and I have learned to keep the weight off for the long term.  In the end, Trevor has helped me towards a better state of overall wellbeing.  What I lost was pounds and fat, but what I gained was knowledge, endurance, strength, confidence, self-esteem and a whole new wardrobe. Trevor’s studio is efficient, accessible and comfortable and I look forward to my workouts with him.  I have observed Trevor work with all fitness levels, from the novice to the athlete, and with his proven work ethic, knowledge, passion and enthusiasm, I highly recommend Trevor for whatever your training needs are. Thanks again for your advice and guidance Trevor.

A Testimonial for Trevor Ryan by Dani Brandt

Before meeting Trevor, I was an overweight and depressed wreck.  I had just regained “the 50 pounds” that I had managed to keep off for the previous seven years.  With the unexpected return of all this weight, my self-esteem plummeted and I was left feeling chronically embarrassed and frustrated.  Unfortunately, the methods I used during those years time to maintain that weight were not very wise.  I had foolishly subjected myself to extreme calorie restricting diets, starvation and binge cycles, excessive running, cardio, and any other methods that would keep me at 112 pounds.  All I had cared about was clutching onto that ‘size 2’ physique.  However, this unhealthy regime took its toll, and my body and metabolism eventually rebelled.  I was driven towards excessive binge eating patterns and within four months, my tiny body had gained back every one of those 50 pounds. 

For the year that followed, I continued to battle with this weight.  I was no longer motivated by the disciplines of yoga and running which at one time seemed to be so enjoyable.  Also, I had tried and exhausted many of those popular at home DVD fitness systems, yet nothing changed.  Then, out of complete desperation and curiosity, I met with Trevor.  Since starting my training journey with him, my life has improved in the most profound way.  However, the transition was not easy.

The first six months were quite challenging.  I obsessed over the return of my skinny, super-thin self.  In fact, all I could think about was weight loss, my physical appearance, and reducing my body measurements.  At first, there was little change in my weight or body shape, which kept me very negative and unmotivated.  Despite my unhealthy state of mind, Trevor was supportive, yet firm while gracefully dealing with my complaining rants.  He would redirect my attention towards physical fitness, stamina, balance, and other basic functional skills.  His commendable patience and solid optimistic spirit kept me motivated during this critical time of change. After a six-month trial period, I decided to purchase a full year of training at five days per week. The changes I am seeing now are remarkable. Spending time lifting heavier and heavier weights, adding more muscle mass, and witnessing the progressions in my physical performance are promoting a much happier, confident frame of mind.  Trevor’s approach is quite unique in that he provides the requisite mental space needed to go through these physical and psychological shifts.  In addition, he has this steadfast focus on your form and strength as you carry out each exercise.  His passion and dedication to my success encourages me to maintain focus.  Trevor also does an exceptional job varying the workouts and adding new challenges. With each passing day, it seemed I was caring less about what I looked like and was much more intrigued with the vast improvements I was making in physical strength.

Overall, Trevor surprises me all the time.  He is so well prepared everyday and carefully plans exactly what I need to keep advancing.  Just when I think I have reached my maximum weight or strength capability, Trevor adjusts my training sets and intensity, and then like magic, I completely surpass my last personal best.  This process is extremely motivating, euphoric, and somewhat mysterious because I keep breaking boundaries.  I never thought I would end up lifting what I can lift and loving it, too.  Weight lifting has changed my perceptions and quality of life immensely.  Trevor is truly a phenomenal trainer with an impressive knowledge set.  He is conscientious of my needs while knowing precisely how to tweak the routines to reveal new fitness capabilities and potentials.   I could not be more grateful for all that he has done for me and look forward to many more years of training with him.

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