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For over a decade Trevor Ryan has been an avid and versatile Canadian athlete. Now a successful fitness entrepreneur and professional trainer he has achieved success in just about every team and individual sport you could imagine. Building on championships in hockey and baseball he channeled his energy into natural bodybuilding.

As a fitness model in Canada he is unmatched by his peers in the industry.  Trevor has been featured on the cover of five international fitness and health magazines, and was the youngest FAME Professional Fitness Model/Natural Bodybuilder at the age of 22.  He began his interest in nutrition and body training at the age of 12, and by his mid-teens started training as a health and fitness trainer. He excels at motivating those around him.

His clients are constantly pushed to exceed their goals. He has been named one of Ottawa’s top trainers and is regularly sought out for his specialized and expert advice on strength and muscle building and nutrition.​

​Trevor takes inspiration from those who have motivated him. His Cape Breton based family is a touchstone. His dad Mike coached him during his baseball career and Trevor uses some of the same motivational techniques he remembers from his youth.  After winning 15 fitness titles and numerous athletic championships in several other sports, he opened his first studio, BOSS Fitness Studios in Ottawa. For more information about Trevor, visit his personal website

IFBB Pro Trevor Ryan

Trainer & Owner of BOSS

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