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Sport Specific Training 

BOSS Fitness are leaders in providing sport specific training to Ottawa area athletes. We've worked with hockey players, bodybuilders, race car drivers, tennis players and other high performance athletes. We customize each of our training programs to target and enhance muscles needed for completing core athletic  skills needed to succeed at the next level.  

Patrick Seguin - World Challenge Driver

When I decided to make the jump to racing in North America`s top professional Sports Car racing series, the World Challenge, I knew I had to bring my best foot forward in order to compete against the best in the trade. In a sport where the cockpit temperatures hovers 120 degrees, where your body is subject to double its weight in G-forces causing your gut to tighten demanding you to sustain a 160-180 bpm for 50min, I knew fitness was the avenue I needed to improve.

In only my 2nd professional race after starting to work with Trevor from Boss Fitness Studio, I was able to stand on the podium at St. Petersburg. His devotion along with his specialised training program has given me that competitive edge!

- Patrick Seguin, World Challenge Driver

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