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It's time to get fit for Spring! 

Does your current job have you sitting inside all day long staring at the beaming sun outside?  Do you find yourself skipping afternoon workouts simply because you would rather spend some time outdoors?  Wanting to make the most of the warmer weather should not be an excuse to let your workouts slide. In fact, this is the perfect excuse to get active outdoors. 

There are many hidden benefits to training outdoors that just cannot be obtained in a weight room. For starters, training outdoors means you can take a deep breath of fresh and clean air. Not only can this air help clear your lungs, but it will also help burn more calories as your body must work harder to keep your core temperature stable. Secondly, the outdoor environment helps you to avoid training boredom and redundancy. For example, new scenery can make even walking lunges more exciting.

Moreover, a change of environment can help prevent muscular adaptation that occurs from performing the same movements in the same environment. Finally, we cannot forget about the natural source of vitamin D we will be soaking in.  This essential vitamin will have a direct impact on your mood, metabolism as well as energy.

As mood variations are most often associated with the amount of sunlight you receive, your indoor job can cause your mood and energy levels to drop. So spending a little extra time in the sun can help elevate those levels of serotonin that are depleted from spending too much time indoors or in dark spaces for too long. The boost in your metabolism you experience will help you burn those extra calories while you train. To top it off, training outdoors before the sun goes down allows you to soak up some serious free tanning minutes that will produce a healthy glow. So put those tanning minutes away for next winter, and get started on a new type of training.

Not too sure where to start?  Boss Fitness Studios want to help you get ready for spring with Boss Fit Boot Camps.  These are outdoor inspired group workouts designed to cater to your own fitness level and schedule.

Classes are starting April 2013, and will carry on for 6 weeks.

Want to try it on your own?

All you need for Training Outdoors Finding a location may be the most difficult part of this training, but once you are set with an appropriate park you will be good to go. Begin by warming up with a jog to the park. Enjoy the scenery and use this time for getting yourself mentally prepared for your workout. Once you are warmed up, the park is your oyster. Your lower body can be trained in a circuit by completing the following exercises in sequence:

  • Lunges (stationary or walking)
  • Squats
  • Bulgarian split squats using an elevated surface such as boulder, picnic table or playground platform

Train your upper body in the same fashion.

  • Uneven push-ups
  • Inverted rows
  • Pull ups on the monkey bars or a tree branch
  • Pole climb
  • Decline push-up with your feet on a swing

 Core Training can be done with your leg training, or in a full body workout. Perform three exercises in a circuit for three sets.

  • Plank (regular and side)
  • Jack-knives
  • Decline crunches from the monkey bars

Finish off with some high intensity cardio intervals. I like to use box jumps. For additional intensity try jumping from the sand. This creates an unstable surface, forcing you to recruit more muscle fibers. Taking your workout to the outdoors may be just the boost your body needs this spring.  

For more information regarding boot camps contact Boss Fitness Studios at:

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